Chester Shopping & Outfit Of the Day 


Hello lovelies!

So today I thought I’d do a post about a lovely day out I had in Chester and also run you through my outfit as I really loved wearing this!

Chester is one of my favourite places to go. It has so many gorgeous historic buildings and all of my favourite shops. Whenever I spend a day here I feel so happy and enjoy every minute. Like Brighton, it’s somewhere I fit into so well.

I do love a Starbs! Because it’s getting into Autumn they had a few new drinks and I had the Caramalised Pecan Latte which was amazing!! The only latte I’ve tried before is vanilla so I wasn’t sure what this would be like but I loved it! I also had their Super Scrambled Eggs hotbox which is gorgeous. If you go Starbucks and don’t fancy a cake or sandwich this is the perfect thing to get.


Red coat – I bought this very recently from Primark and I was a bit hesitant about buying it. I only buy a new coat once every few years really and my grey one, which is pretty much the same style as this one, has been my favourite which I’ve worn constantly. This colour was so pretty and bright so I had to get it! It actually works with every outfit I’ve put with it and just adds a bit of fun. It’s also so cosy and I love that it’s a little longer to keep you warm.

Amour t shirt – this was such a great find and I actually got it from Matalan! I honestly don’t think Matalan gets enough credit for their clothes. They have some lovely things and all such great value, this shirt was only £8 which is so good! The design is actually glittery textured and is so well made and vibrant. I never see these colours all together in many clothes.

Skirt – I have had this skirt and while and haven’t really reached for it a lot. I bought this from Topshop a year or so ago and I just decided to give it a try with this tee tucked in and ahhh it worked so well! It’s a mini skirt with a zip down the back and it’s so comfortable. This skirt really is one that goes with everything.

Trainers – I’m sure you’ve probably seen these shoes in SOO many of my posts but I still love them! I honestly think they might be competing with my Converse which I never though I’d say. These go with anything and I thought these looked so cool put with tights and a skirt. These were £8 from Primark and I still can’t believe how much they look like real Vans!

Bag – This backpack is from New Look and I haven’t used it for ages but I decided to go back to it as it looks very autumny. It’s a lovely emerald green and it’s made from soft velvet material with gold zips. This is another thing, like the skirt that goes with pretty much everything!

Lips – The lipstick I’m wearing is of course one of my Revlon Ultra HD Matte’s in the shade “Infatuation”. I’m always talking about these lipsticks colours and I think I have pretty much all of them. I decided to wear this one as I think it really suits the Autumn vibe and that’s what I was going for with this outfit.

I really hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and let me know in the comments what you got up to!

See you in my next post xxx


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